Experienced and Compassionate Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Attorney in New York

Michael J. Croce is an attorney who has been serving the needs of his clients for over 20 years.  A zealous advocate, he fights tirelessly to ensure that each client is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Whether he is fighting criminal charges brought by the government, or for the rights of an individual who has suffered economic loss and personal injury, he understands how stressful it is to be involved in a court case.  The value of trust in the attorney/client relationship can not be overstated.  New York Attorney Michael J. Croce understands that every case is important to the persons involved.  The Law Office of Michael J. Croce, Esq., P.C. strives to ensure sure that each client has access to communicate with him or his staff at all times. He is conveniently located in lower Manhattan, close to the courts and public transportation.  While it is impossible to guarantee the results of any case, we take the time to explain the law and the legal process to each client.  Each client actively participates in each phase of the litigation, to work toward the best possible outcome.

He considers it an honor to serve the members of his community, and offers the same aggressive, responsive representation to every client. Attorney Michael J. Croce cares about his clients, and considers it his duty to meet their needs.

Criminal Defense

As a former Assistant District Attorney, Michael J. Croce understands the inner workings of criminal cases and what the State needs to prosecute your criminal case.  Michael J. Croce fervently believes the best defense is a strong offense. The days following an arrest are often the most critical in preparing for your defense.  He understands the importance of photographing and documenting the scene, identifying witnesses, and locating potential sources of video surveillance before these critical sources of evidence are potentially lost forever.  He works each case with the same intensity, energy and passion from the initial investigation until the final disposition, by jury trial, if necessary. He understands how important it is to be prepared, and to stay on top of the details.

New York Attorney Michael J. Croce has helped clients with all kinds and levels of crimes. Whether you are charged with a simple misdemeanor offense, or the most serious violent felony, we recognize that the most important charge, is the one you are facing.  Michael fights with the same intensity to protect your good name and reputation no matter the charge.  Whether the charge is petit larceny or armed robbery; simple assault or murder, he has the expertise and experience to deliver the strongest defense.  Criminal Defense Attorney Michael J. Croce wants to help you with your case.

Personal Injury

The Law Office of Michael J. Croce, Esq., P.C. recognizes that when it comes to negotiating your personal injury case with the insurance company, the attorney prepared to go to trial obtains the best results for their clients.  Attorney Michael J. Croce has successfully utilized the trial skills he developed over the years to assist people who have suffered personal injury and economic loss as a result of the negligence of others.  Whether you suffered a serious physical injury that required hospitalization or extensive physical therapy, or simply lost time from work due to being physically unable to perform the duties of your job, you deserve to be compensated for all of your damages.

New York Personal Injury Attorney Michael J. Croce helps clients who are the victims of  Auto Accidents, Construction Site Accidents, and Slip and Falls.  Insurance Companies have attorneys on staff, who will attempt to lock you into a statement about the facts of your case and settle your case quickly and for the lowest amount possible.  Let the Office of Michael J. Croce deal with the insurance company while you focus on healing.

If you are in New York and need the assistance of someone who will work tirelessly on your behalf to get the best result possible, call Michael J. Croce, Esq. P.C. today.

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