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Attorney Michael J. Croce began working in the New York criminal justice system as a law student, working for the Bronx District Attorney, before becoming a lawyer and an Assistant District Attorney himself, in 1996. As someone who truly believes in fairness and justice, he staunchly believes in the duty of the criminal defense attorney to zealously advocate for the rights of every client in every case.  While no one can predict the outcome of any case,  Attorney Michael J. Croce diligently works to get the best results in every case.  As a former prosecutor, Michael J. Croce understands the inner workings of the criminal justice system and how to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of every case.  Having the right attorney represent you is critical to a successful result.

Criminal Charges Are Serious

The consequences of any arrest can be detrimental. You can lose your money, your job, your reputation, and even your freedom over a criminal charge. Attorney Michael J. Croce understands how stressful it is when you are suddenly thrust into the criminal justice system after an arrest. He understands how overwhelming the power of a State or Federal prosecution can be to someone facing criminal charges.

New York Criminal Defense Attorney Michael J. Croce has decades of experience working with criminal cases, fighting to protect the rights of his clients. He has defended his clients from a vast array of charges, including everything from simple misdemeanors like petite larceny or trespass to complex felonies such as rape, robbery and murder.  Whether you are facing a charge for possession of weapons or narcotics, or a sex crime or assault charge, Michael J. Croce, Esq., P.C. has the expertise and experience to guide you through the criminal litigation process.

If You’ve Been Arrested

All lawyers licensed in the State of New York can represent you in your criminal matter, but not all have the experience or qualifications to do so competently.  You need someone who is well versed on the law, and who understands how to navigate the pitfalls and protocols inherent in every criminal prosecution.  You require a lawyer who remains accessible and available to you, conveying information and providing insight and advice that can assist you in deciding the best course of action in your case.  The right result is contingent on many factors, including the decision about who will represent you.

The actions taken by you and your lawyer in the hours, days and weeks immediately after your arrest can be the most critical to a successful criminal defense.  Preservation of the crime scene by photograph and video, identifying and locating potential eye witnesses, and identifying critical evidence in the form of surveillance video may be lost forever if not immediately preserved after your arrest.   The Law Office of Michael J. Croce, Esq., P.C. works with Private Investigators who aggressively investigate every potential defense.  Prosecutors have police officers working for them, our Investigators conduct an investigation to develop evidence that serves your best interests.

Further, if you have been contacted by law enforcement and have learned that they are asking to meet with you, it is imperative that you immediately obtain legal counsel.  New York Attorney Michael J. Croce can intercede on your behalf and protect you from being subjected to intense interrogation, designed to coerce a confession.  If an arrest is inevitable, we can arrange for your voluntary surrender, and work to expedite the arraignment process, and minimize the time spent in custody.  If bail is set, we can work with your family and our network of bail bondsmen to secure your release.  You can be confident that at all times, you will not be alone, and that the Law Office of Michael J. Croce, Esq., P.C. will be there with you to provide quality representation at all stages of the litigation, through trial if necessary.


Many people who are arrested for DWI have never been involved in the criminal justice system.  A DWI arrest carries potential criminal and civil consequences, which can linger for years after your case is resolved.  In addition to the threat of incarceration, simply being charged with a DWI can result in the immediate and protracted suspension of your license to drive.  Furthermore, a DWI conviction can result in costly insurance premium increases and the potential, in some circumstances, for a lifetime suspension of your privilege to drive.  A person charged with DWI must be prepared to fight at every stage of the prosecution, including at hearings before the department of Motor Vehicles, where suspension hearings are conducted shortly after your arrest.  Defending DWI cases can be challenging because of the technology used to bring the charges and the potential consequences each prosecution brings.  Your attorney needs to be experienced in challenging the results obtained from the breath machines and the field sobriety testing performed by law enforcement.  Many individuals can be lulled into accepting a disposition that may not serve their best interests.  Don’t wait until the prosecution is answering ready for trial.  Attorney Michael J. Croce wants to help you.  He sincerely cares about his clients, and takes his duty to defend them seriously. Call Michael J. Croce, Esq., P.C. today for an always free consultation.

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